Thinking outside the Box (Literally)

Feb 2013

To prevent damage to our Snowball chairs during the shipping process, Spec focused on developing new packaging solutions that offered stronger protection.  The first proposed solution was to add more packaging material to protect the product, however this idea did not agree with our environmental goals. After experimenting with different concepts, we developed a solution that would maintain our low-waste packaging while still reducing quality issues.

Our solution was to change the way the package was handled, instead of increasing the packaging itself. We added handles to make it easier for shippers to lower the boxes to the ground, and Safety Warning Labels that would identify the weight of the product so shippers would not drop it.

After 3 months of implementing this new packaging, we have not had any quality issues with our Snowball chairs – and we didn’t have to increase packaging to accomplish this!

Make the Packaging Shrink

Feb 2013

Spec wanted to prevent damage to our table tops during shipping while reducing the amount of bubble wrap and cardboard used during the process. We moved to using stretch wrap for our table top packaging, where we discovered that less was more.  Not only did this require a considerably lesser amount of material, but it also allowed the person handling the pallet of tables to see what was in the package, changing the way shippers would handle the product. This solution has helped us toward reaching our Quality goals and in reducing our Environmental impact!

More options in 100% Recycled plastic

Jan 2013

100% recycled plastic seat pans are now being used in Snowball Mid-size, Snowball Bariatric, Midway, and Gravity. Made from 100% recycled plastic (55% post-consumer), it is free of toxic byproducts and any manufacturing waste is returned to the process.

Spec’s recycled plastic seat pan enables us to divert over 60 tons of waste from landfills every year and it further aligns our products with LEED and BIFMA “level ®” standards.

Jed Presents a level CEU at METROCON Dallas

Aug 2012

There was a great turn out of interior designers and architects at the BIFMA level CEU (Continuing Education Unit) that Jed presented on August 9th at METROCON in Dallas.

BIFMA level is becoming THE green certification in the contract furniture industry. To learn more about level or to enquire about having Jed present the BIFMA level CEU in your neck of the woods, you can call him at 416 246 5540 extension 255 or send an e-mail to

Sustainable Manufacturing Partnership Consortium

Jul 2012

A sustainability consortium is a facilitated team of organizations with a focus and commitment to attaining world class environmental sustainability through people and process improvements.

The Sustainable Manufacturing Consortium brings together manufacturers from across the province to work together on driving sustainability quicker, deeper and at a lower-cost into each participating organization.

Members of the Sustainable Manufacturing Consortium include: Powersmiths, Filamat, Velcro Canada, KIK Custom Products, Research In Motion, SCJohnson, RuggedCom, ABS Friction, SPEC Furniture, Tremco, Voith Hydro, Nestlé.

Supporting Earth Day

Apr 2012

Spec employees were proud to join over one billion people around the world by taking part in the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day. The best form of leadership is by example, so we gave the area surrounding our headquarters and manufacturing facility a thorough environmental cleanup.

Gas Saving Update

Feb 2012

Spec has achieved an 18% reduction our gas bill since the retrofit of our Powder Coating Paintline.


Using Just the Right Amount of Laminate

Oct 2011

Spec has launched a new highly efficient system for estimating and ordering laminate. Drawings are created to maximize the laminate yield and allow us to order exactly what is needed. These drawings are also used to show employees how to cut the laminate, further minimizing waste. Cut-offs of a usable size are tagged and returned to inventory. We expect to reduce waste going to landfill by using this system.

Spec Teams Improve with 5S

Aug 2011

Spec is committed to continuous improvement and eliminating waste, whether it is material, space or time. 5S is one of our key tools in reaching these goals and stands for Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

Spec audits both factory and office teams on their "Top 5S". Each team works on a list of 5S goals that contribute to organizing and standardizing their workspace, which in turn increases efficiency and reduces waste. When five items are completed, the team is recognized for their achievements.

Level Recognized by LEED

Aug 2011

The USGBC (US Green Building Council) recently announced that a new Pilot Credit recognizes the level certification program under LEED Pilot Credit 43: MR - Certified Products.
 LEED Pilot Credits facilitate the introduction of new and innovative credits to LEED. According to USGBC, the intent of Pilot Credit 43 is to increase the use of products and materials with life cycles, ingredients, and attributes understood and optimized to improve overall environmental, economic and social performance. Level is one of several non-structural product and materials certifications outlined in Pilot Credit 43. The weighted value (cost) of the qualified certified products must be at least 10% of the total value of all non-structural materials and products to earn the one credit point that is available under Pilot Credit 43.

As of August 11, 2006 the BIFMA FES (Furniture Emissions Standard) is recognized by LEED as equivalent to
GREENGUARD. Spec has chosen to test its products
to BIFMA FES standards.

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