Spectone Epoxy Finish

Light soiling may be removed with a damp cloth or household glass cleaners. Heel marks, heavy soiling and surface marring may be removed with automotive grade polishing compounds or car wax. Do not apply abrasive cleaners, polish or lubricants to table bases or moving parts. Damaged paint may be repaired with touch-up paint which is available from the factory. Touch-up paint is supplied in powder form to provide an exact match with the existing color. To use the powder, add a small quantity of commercially available lacquer thinner to a small quantity of the powder, stirring with a metal stirrer until the desired consistency is achieved. The paint solution may then be applied using a brush. Avoid using too thick a consistency resulting in brush marks. Allow at least one hour to dry.

Laminate Table Tops

Clean with mild soap and water. Do not use abrasive cleaners or wax. Avoid flooding laminate surfaces as water can seep between laminate joints, loosening the finish from the wooden substrate and damaging the substrate.

Veneer Table Tops

Clean with mild soap and water. Always wipe the surface in the direction of the wood grain and ensure there is no pooling of liquid at the seams. Do not use abrasive cleaners or wax.

Folding Bases

Remove plastic caps & add 2 drops of WD-40. Move column back and forth to lubricate. Let sit for one hour. Replace plastic caps. To maintain ease of movement, repeat every 6 months.


Minor marks may be removed with a household cleaning solvent such as Windex. Chrome polish may be used to restore luster on chrome products.


Care of fabrics varies with the type of fabric. To prevent damage, Spec recommends using only mild water based solutions. For stubborn stains, we recommend that you check the website of the fabric manufacturer or call them for specific cleaning instructions for the fabric. For healthcare applications, stronger cleaning solutions are used for infection control. These solutions must be cleaned off with clean water following their use.

Wood Frames

For light cleaning/dusting, use soft cloth or duster. For stubborn stains, use non-abrasive, water-based cleaners only.

Polyurethane & DuraSpec Poly Seat

Under normal use, wash with mild soap and water. Solvents, alcohol or stain removers are not recommended.