Spec™ uses new foam technology in all our seating products which displaces up to 25% of the existing non-renewable petroleum with a sustainable plant based substitute. This technology does not change the physical properties or comfort of the foam. It does however reduce Spec’s footprint and focus on the use of renewable, sustainable materials. It is our mandate to increase the percentage of renewable content as advancement in the technology will allow.


Steel is 100% post consumer recyclable and new steel used by Spec contains a minimum of 25% recycled steel.


Re-melt aluminum billet used by Spec™ contains 70% recycled content.

Table Core

All Spec™ tables are manufactured with NAUF Particale Board - an earth friendly core made of 100% recycled wood fiber with no added urea formaldehyde. The core is manufactured in an FSC certified facility, exceeds CARB standards and helps achieve LEED credits.

Wood Finishes

Spec Furniture transitioned to water-based wood finishes in 2014, partnering with Akzo Nobel, a worldwide leader in finishing systems and coatings. The previous oil-based system was not as environmentally friendly and posed potential health and safety risks to employees and facilities. The new system is a high solids, waterborne, 3 stage UV cured finishing system that incorporates advanced chemical compounding utilizing nanotechnology. This innovative coating technology not only provides a superior finish that can withstand the harshest cleaners, but it also resists microbial attack as effectively as most conventional coating systems utilizing an anti-microbial additive.


Spec™ seating can be upholstered in any choice of fabric from any fabric manufacturer. Most fabric manufacturers have a selection of textiles with reduced environmental impact available.


Spec™ laminate tops are available in any standard Arborite, Formica, Nevamar, Pionite and Wilsonart matte finish offerings. Environmental information is available on each of their websites.


All of our literature and product catalogs are printed in an FSC™ certified facility with post consumer recycled content using water based coatings.


Cardboard packaging used by Spec™ is made up of 97% pre-consumer recycled fiber.