New environment-friendly initiative from Spec's metal shop

Dec 2017

Spec™ has initiated an exciting new service to launder and reuse the cleaning rags in the metal shop. Our metal shop welds hundreds of chair frames and table bases every day, and each one of them needs to be free of excess oils and  dirt before entering the paint line. Instead of simply disposing of these rags, the new initiative will eliminate approximately 2 metric tons of waste per year that would otherwise go to landfill.

Spec Planting Trees to Offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sep 2017

Over the next five years Spec Furniture® will be planting enough trees to completely offset the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions generated from its annual electricity consumption. The initiative comes as a result of an ongoing commitment by Spec Furniture and its people to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing. Spec™ has a track record of minimizing the use of energy by upgrading to energy efficient equipment, switching to eco-friendly and recyclable materials, redesigning packaging to further reduce environmental impact or finding sustainable recycling solutions for materials remaining after a job completion. In 2017, Spec Furniture has pledged to plant 225 white pine trees, offsetting the equivalent of approximately 29 tons of carbon dioxide (C02). The company sees this act as an ongoing project, with goals of planting different wood species across North America each year to offset gas emissions generated from other energy sources as well.

Select Spec products are now level® 3 Certified

Feb 2017

Spec™ is proud to announce that a selection of seating products (Dignity, Gravity, Midway, Snowflake, Snowball and Traffic), and all tables and Credenzas&Lectures finished in Veneer/Hardwood Edges/Steel Base are now level® 3 certified.