New Bio-degradable Bags Used in Seat Packaging

Jul 2009

Spec™ chose to use a new additive that makes our Low-Density Polyethylene bags bio-degrade in a landfill. The bags have 80% recycled content and are still 100% recyclable. The ink used for the label is water-based as opposed to solvent-based which creates harmful emissions. The large label facilitates recycling and educates users about the bag's composition and that it can be recycled (where facilities exist). We decided against a plant-based compostable plastic due to the current reality of construction sites most likely not having compost bins. Also, by using plastic that is 80% recycled we're getting closer to a Cradle-to-Cradle industrial system. We opted not to use Oxo-degradable bags due to the debate that they are not truly biodegradable.

Spec Receives Green Award

Jun 2009

Donald Taylor and Reg Bernard, VP's of Spec™ , featured in the Ontario publication "Think Green", accept the award of a Certificate of Recognition for Spec for being a Champion of Green from the Government of Ontario.

Reclaimed Paint System Implemented

Jun 2009

Overspray powder from our paint line is collected and mixed to create a dark grey color which is used to paint unseen parts. This reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

BIFMA Announces New Product Certification Program

Jun 2009

BIFMA International, the trade association for the commercial furniture industry, representing the leading firms in the contract furniture market, announces the introduction of the product certification program, level®. For more information on the level® program, go to

Spec is Featured in the Think Green Report

May 2009

The Green Report is a Government of Ontario report which promotes the effective management practices of CEOs, presidents and owners of Ontario's innovative, high-performance firms.

Spec has Worms!

May 2009

Spec™ starts to compost its food waste using an indoor vermicomposter (worm composter). Worms break down the food waste into nutrient rich soil for gardens. For more information on Vermicomposting go to

Earth Day at Spec

Apr 2009

On Earth Day every employee was given a stainless steel water bottle. This allowed us to eliminate the paper cups used for the water cooler and it dramatically decreased the purchasing of disposable water bottles that would other wise be thrown out. Spruce tree seedlings were also given out to employees for their homes. Spec™ employees took time to clean up the outside property.

New Waste Management System Implemented

Apr 2009

Besides steel, aluminum and cardboard; particle board, solid wood, PVC Edging, and consumer recyclables are now being recycled. This has increased our waste diversion from landfill from 7% to 75%. Spec™ has set a goal of 100% diversion by the year 2020.

Spec has an in-house LEED AP

Apr 2009

Jed McKie becomes a LEED AP, Accredited Professional. Having a LEED AP on staff helps Spec™ help our customers who are trying to achieve LEED credits for projects they are working on. Spec is in the early transition phases of having its own facility become a LEED certified building. Having a LEED AP will help Spec along with the process.

Earth Friendly Binders!

Mar 2009

Our new cardboard binders are FSC certified and 100% recyclable. All new Spec™ literature is also printed on FSC certified paper.