UV Finish Line

Spec’s UV finish line uses water based stains and a water based UV top coat to create a finish that has dramatically lower emissions than standard solvent based finishes.

This leading edge UV tunnel is very unique in that it allows Spec™ to finish complex shapes like wood arms and seat backs not normally curable by other UV tunnels. The UV curing process involves the use of high intensity Ultra-violet lights to cure the finish.


Hot-melt glues (hotmelts) are used for Spec™ seating products. Hotmelts are safe to handle, non-volatile, do not pollute the air and do not require special disposal.

Water based PVA glues are used for Spec laminated tables. PVA does not emit any harmful fumes, and is not hazardous to touch.

Steel Finishing

Frames are finished in a durable powder coat finish that is 99.9% VOC free.

Energy Conservation

With the assistance of a third party organization, Spec™ is performing an energy audit to assist us with managing our energy consumption. To date, we have already made many improvements to reduce our energy consumption:

  • Factory cell shutdown procedures at the end of the day to ensure tools and lights are turned off when not in use.
  • Computer workstation shutdown procedures and using black as our desktop colour to reduce power drain.
  • Motion and noise sensors to turn off lights when not needed.
  • Reducing paint line shift times which reduces our water consumption by 25%.
  • Spec has started a project which will replace all of the lighting in our office and factory with energy efficient bulbs that will reduce the amount of electricity required by 60% and at the same produce 12% more light.