• May is a Mental Health Awareness Month. If you are experiencing any mental health struggles, or know someone who does, know that you are not alone. Share your thoughts and feelings with someone you can trust, whether it’s a loved one or an anonymous local helpline.
  • Infection control and cleaning have always been a hot topic in healthcare circles. What cleaning stringent to use; will the products handle them well; what is a proper way to clean? How about: how do you design a product around those requirements? BIFMA has published a guide that provides some insights into these questions.
  • Can a waiting room influence what a patient perceives to be the quality of care? The study shows that waiting rooms can be designed to build confidence in the treatment provided.
  • How do you create a facility that is inviting yet indestructible? The Hardi line strives to address that need by providing worry-free support for behavioral health facilities.
  • Well-designed rooms have a significant impact on a patient’s hospital experience. As this study analyzing patient evaluations shows, it is important to deinstitutionalize hospitals and create more visually appealing environments.