• New Sizes for EndZone

    Jun 2015
    Extend the line of your designs with EndZone’s lengthened size selections. Our contemporary Collaborative table now offers lengths up to 120” without a center leg. Tables are available up to 216” with a recessed center leg.
    EndZone’s range of finish selection is also growing. Veneer finishes enhance upscale meeting spaces, while 2mm wood grain edges increase durability in high-traffic areas.
  • What's New in Behavioral Health

    Jun 2015
    Engineered for strength and designed for comfort, Dignity2 now offers the option to extend side panels to the floor—available upholstered or in laminate.
    Replaceable arms can be specified in polyurethane or wood, or choose solid surface arms for extreme durability!
  • Urban Wins Silver!

    Nov 2014

    The newest addition to the Spec™ collection, the Urban Guest Chair won a Silver Nightingale Award at the 2014 Healthcare Design Conference in San Diego (November 15-18).

    Urban is designed to be highly durable, as well as easily cleanable, allowing it to withstand the pressures of Healthcare Applications. “The challenge was to create a multi-use, functional and comfortable seating experience that was light and fluid in appearance” said Urban’s designer, Conrad Marini, founder and Director of CMM Design Associates. Urban’s design is complete with a unique DuraSpec Polyurethane seat, consisting of over molded polyurethane on to an innovative shell made with 100% recycled materials. Learn more about Urban...

    The Nightingale Awards showcase excellence and innovation in healthcare product design. The annual program aims to recognize product designs that contribute to the quality of healthcare.

  • Urban

    May 2014

    Urban is a stylish and durable medium density stacking chair. Available in 4 point or sled base, with casters or glides, with arms or armless and with optional wall-saving frame.  Additional models include stool height and hip chair.
    Urban supports up to 500lb and is available in an 18” seat width.  
    Urban offers a unique DuraSpec poly seat which utilizes an innovative seat shell made from 100% Recycled Materials. The top of the seat is overmolded polyurethane, allowing it to be easily cleaned.  
    Urban can be specified in DuraSpec poly seat and plastic back, upholstered seat with plastic back or fully upholstered.  Plastic back is available in Light Grey and Black, DuraSpec poly seat available in black only;  or choose from a virtually limitless selection of fabrics.  Metal finishes available in our 76 Spectone colors.

  • Eighteen5

    May 2014

    Our Twenty2 chair is expanding to new widths!  Now available in an 18.5" wide seat, named Eighteen5, allowing you to achieve design continuity for your training and educational environments.
    As with the Twenty2 chair, Eighteen5 is available on casters or glides & supports up to 500lbs.
    Eighteen5 is available with plastic seat and back, upholstered seat & plastic back or fully upholstered, with or without arms. Finishes include three plastic seat and back colors (Light Grey, Slate Grey and Black) or upholstery options with a virtually limitless choice of fabrics; Metal finishes available in our 76 Spectone colors.

  • EndZone

    May 2014

    EndZone is a multi purpose work surface ideal for collaborative learning and plug-and-go activities in high-traffic areas.
    Standard at 39” table height, featuring a top with a 2” built-up edge, EndZone is offered with one of two very clean end panel designs. Traditional 2” end panel with or without Rectangular Vertical Wire Managers or 6” Plinth end panel standard with Wire Management Access Door.
    Endzone can be specified with a wide range of power & communication modules and an endless selection of colors and finishes.

  • Rectangular Manhattan Column on Tailgate

    May 2014

    Our Freestanding Tailgate table as well as our Tailgate table with Media Wall can be specified with the Rectangular Manhattan double column for a linear design.

  • Rectangular Manhattan Column

    May 2014

    Introducing a Rectangular column to the Manhattan table series. The Rectangular column provides a sleek linear alternative to the traditional round column.
    Need power? Our new Rectangular Vertical Wire Manager can be added to a Manhattan Base to route power from the floor to the desktop.
    Our Rectangular bases and Vertical Wire Manager can be specified in any of our 76 Spectone Colors.

  • Dignity2

    May 2013

    Dignity2, a comprehensive addition to Spec's behavioral health offering, keeps staff and patients safe by limiting ease of movement and tampering.

    Available one, two and three seater with or without arms, freestanding or connected with a bariatric option.  Specify two and three seat options with outside arms only or half arms between seats.  Choice of upholstered or laminate inside and outside side panels, or combine the two. Replaceable wood or polyurethane arms are available.  Wood arms can be specified in 7 standard stains or stain-to-match at no upcharge. Polyurethane arms are available in 3 colors; Black, Taupe (RAL 7006) and Sterling Grey. Contoured steel leg offers exceptional durability and is available in 76 Spectone finishes.

    Dignity2 is constructed with a heavy duty frame that is weighted to reduce ease of movement.  There are no protruding legs or hardware and tamperproof fasteners are standard.

  • Tailgate with Media Wall

    May 2013

    Tailgate is a series of unique Collaborative tables including a freestanding series, and a line up of stand alone designs which include a media wall.  
    Designed around a unique Power and Communication trough running down the center of the table. Accessibility to power or communication if required is available from either side.  The trough can be configured to meet any technical requirement, and allows for custom IT application. Wiring is managed with ease, and is concealed through the trough….and if necessary to the floor via the Manhattan or Plinth base. The wide variety of sizes and shapes accommodates large or small groups.
    Tailgate is designed to accept the various hardware applications available today, and was designed to plan for tomorrow. Tailgate, with the Media Wall can be expanded if your group grows in the future. Endless shapes and sizes are available meeting virtually every design criteria.  Spec’s finish program allows specifiers complete flexibility.  High end boardroom applications and hardworking collaborative groupings have been considered.
    Clean and simple lines conceal wiring and technology, leaving surfaces free for concentrated collaboration. The media wall, table tops and edges  allow for  a specifier to design Tailgate into any environment.  With a choice of the Manhattan or Plinth base, the look can be dramatically altered, while assuring complete collaboration.