• Snowball Enhancements

    Jun 2012

    500 lbs...with Casters!

    18", 22" and 26" wide Snowballs, with arms are now available with casters, load tested to 500 lbs.

    With more Recycled Content!

    Midsize and Bariatric Snowball designs are now standard with our 100% recycled plastic seat pan, containing 55% post-consumer content. It has a clean finished look and further aligns Spec with BIFMA level®.

  • MHO Module

    Jun 2012

    Mho®, an upscale table top power and data solution with a fluid one touch door that remains open during use. The Mho module allows for HDMI and VGA/Stereo connections along with power, data and telephone. Works with Spec's Tap-in Powerway.


  • New Standard Wood Stain

    Jun 2012

    Pecan is a progressive calming wood stain that has become very popular! It's available for all Spec table and wood seating products.

    Best laminate match is Formica Pecan Woodline #5883-58.

    Spec now offers 7 standard wood stains and custom stains are always available at no upcharge. Just ask!

  • 2MM Bio Edge

    Jun 2012

    Now available in 38 RAL colors

    2MM edge is square, minimizing the gap between tables when placed together. It has the impact durability of PVC with a profile similar to self edge. 2mm edge has a bio-based content of 88% which is made from rapidly renewable non-food stock corn, Contains no hazardous chemicals, emits no toxic VOC's and is recyclable.

  • Antimicrobial Finish

    Jun 2012

    Spec offers an optional Nickel Antimicrobial coating on metal frames suited for public, healthcare and education environments.

    The Antimicrobial coating minimizes the risk of spreading infectious diseases by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

  • Thermofoil Table Tops

    Jun 2012

    Available with a quarter round edge

    Spec provides a variety of Thermofoil table tops in several sizes and finishes. This seamless durable surface offers enhanced protection from stains and bacteria. Thermofoil tops are excellent for use in healthcare, public and office environments.

  • Corian Tops

    Jun 2012

    Ideal for Healthcare Facilities!

    Durable and non-porous, Corian tops are ideal for healthcare environments. This surface does not absorb liquids or chemicals, nor will it harbor bacteria or fungal growth.

    Available with flat, bullnose or wedge edge profiles. Choose from an array of colors.