Classroom & Training

Spec’s versatile collection of tables supports the wide range of learning styles that occur in educational and business environments. Mobile, flip top, folding, or height adjustable, Spec­™ tables can be configured quickly and easily to transform a space from a traditional learning approach to a collaborative environment. Tables address technology requirements with wire management systems that route power and data.

Upscale or budget, Spec offers a wide variety of top shapes, sizes, finishes and an extensive array of stunning base designs to meet your needs.

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Flip top tables with casters allow you to reconfigure at a moments notice - the ultimate in mobility!

Freestanding tables with wire management troughs that act like modesty panels and house power and data requirements.

Specify shared legs for a cost effective solution when a configuration will be permanent. Sharing a leg between tables both reduces cost and allows additional seating in the larger open area under the work surface.

Power & Communication

Power and communication can be distributed in a number of ways whether your tables are fixed configurations or mobile, flip top tables – complete with wire management.

In flexible environments where laptops are the norm and tables will be moved frequently, power bars and PVC wire managers are helpful options. Power running from one table to the next can be disconnected easily and quickly to accommodate the relocation of tables.

Extruded wIre management trough

Wires disappear into this efficient design that features an attractive aluminum extrusion. The Perforated door option allows easy access and adds to the upscale look. PVC wire managers snap neatly in place inside or under the trough to organize all electrical and communication cables. Trough Joiners fit on the spines to connect the troughs and allow cables to move cleanly between tables. The optional End Cap provides a clean finish.

Tap-In Powerway

The Tap-in Powerway carries power and data cleanly from table to table with minimal footprint. Manhattan and Trius tables can be flipped with powerway and modesty in place.

A number of options to bring power and data to the surface are available – from grommets to power and data modules.

Modesty Panel

Modesty panels are available in a variety of designs and materials. Available both fixed and hinged. Standard 42”-72” long and 10” high. Custom sizes are available.

Eco Resins

Metal modesty panels are available in any one of our 76 Spectone powdercoat finishes. Other perforated designs may be available. Contact Spec.

Nesting & Stacking Chairs

Twenty2, Eighteen5, Urban & Snowball chairs are ideal solutions for classroom and training environments. Whether its four-point stackers, chairs with casters or glides or the need to maximize your space with nesting chairs, Spec has exactly what you want. Complement your space by choosing from a wide variety of finishes and fabrics.




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