Behavioral Health

At Spec, we’ve spent more than two decades designing tables and seating that can withstand the demands of behavioral health and psychiatric settings while providing support and comfort that’s rooted in empathy for every kind of user. We invite you explore all of our behavioral health furniture, and please feel free to reach out to one of our reps to learn more about this essential part of our business.

We've furnished countless Behavioral Health facilities, all with varying levels of security, with our seating, tables, and patient room products that have care at their core and warmth in their style. Features such as rounded corners, tamper-proof fasteners, and the ability to add weight make our #SpecItBehavioralHealth products durable and designed to meet the needs of any supervision level from the time a patient walks through the healthcare facility main doors all the way to the patient room. 

Take a tour with us below and find furniture for any area of a Behavioral Health facility for any supervision level as determined by the Environmental Safety Risk Assessment in the Behavioral Health Design Guide (January 2022 edition). 


Level I Staff Only Areas
It's not only the patient areas that we specify—it's the staff or off-stage areas too! These spaces always have staff present and are typically restricted from patients. A recent project specified Dignity2, Drum HD tables with Annex, and Snowball 2 to create a staff space that maximizes the use of daylight. The use of green and taupes for fabrics creates a calming room for staff to unwind or recharge.
Level II Supervised Patient Spaces
Whether a counseling or interview room to activity rooms with doors, supervised patient areas benefit from products that provide comfort and safety. Products such as Snowball 2 HD, with its weighted base and upholstered seat and back to our roto-molded Hardi line with soft contours, make these spaces secure and welcoming.
Level III Minimally Supervised Areas
Heavy-duty seating and tables for supervised patient areas involve careful consideration. Choose from soft-seating solutions to roto-molded products and tables with weighted bases. Although a nurses station may be in full view of these spaces, we design products for added security. Floor mounting, weighted options, and tamperproof hardware give caregivers and patients peace of mind.
Level IV Semi to Unsupervised Areas
Areas in a Behavioral Health facility that are unsupervised or semi-supervised—depending on the patient's needs—require products with anti-ligature features and rounded and pick-proof surfaces. Our Hardi Series includes a bed, bedside table, desks, storage solutions, and a club chair—a full suite of products, all patient room ready!
Specialized - Telemedicine Rooms
As the need and demand for telehealth services increases, tech-ready telehealth rooms can be a mix of heavy-duty and standard product depending on the supervision level of the facility.