Apricus Overview

Introducing an award-winning behavioral health lounge chair - Apricus.

There are three main features that make Apricus stand out. The first is the unequivocally strong build, achieved through a variety of engineering additions taken from the learnings of our Dignity chair. These enhancements include a reinforced seat and back connection, replacing traditional polyurethane arms with pick-proof KYDEX arms and increasing the ability to field replace components.

Secondly, we’ve focused our efforts on meaningfully enhancing the comfort of this chair. Through extensive testing and development of multiple foam densities and shapes, Apricus offers the perfect sit. We applied anthropometric design standards to promote a more natural sitting posture, resulting in a chair that is comfortable for the widest range of users.

Finally, the contemporary aesthetic is complete with natural curvatures and allows for pops of color. The slimmed down scale feels homelike, while still leaving room for personalization in the fabric selection and metal accent. Apricus ensures a sustainable and robust investment, perfectly suited for the challenging settings of mental health facilities.

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Two Foot Profiles
A design feature of slim metal foot following the shape of arm panel, be it flat or curved, can add a tasteful, delicate pop of color to this beautiful lounge chair.
Comfortable Sit
We applied anthropometric design standards to promote a more natural long-term sitting posture.
Wall-saving Frame
Maintenance will love Apricus' wall-saving frame, specially designed for easy, long term space upkeep.