Balancing Function and Comfort

At Spec, we view Behavioral Health as a continuum of care. In collaboration with designers, facility managers and caregivers, we work daily to develop heavy-duty furniture products that respond to the needs of patients within dedicated Behavioral Health organizations—and in more generalized health and wellness facilities.

Our Behavioral Health products are designed to meet all core requirements of hospital, psychiatric and mental health environments while still offering an array of options, price points and scales so customers can specify the best possible solutions.

In addition to healthcare facilities, our Behavioral Health and Heavy Duty seating and tables are ideal for similar facilities and other applications such as fire services, police departments, prisons and sports complexes.

Humanizing the Most Secure Settings

Supervised and semi-supervised settings, such as mental health facilities, present the most stringent safety and durability challenges. Our experts have designed several lines of furniture with these considerations foremost. Smooth edges, sealed armrests and optional added weight protect patients and staff, while tamper-proof fasteners as well as pick-proof arm caps and table edges provide additional levels of durability.

The Beauty Is in the Details

Chairs can be weighted to reduce unwanted movement.

Tamper-proof fasteners are standard on all designs.

Zippers are secured and pulls are removed.

Seats feature springless construction.

Customized solutions are always available upon request.

Separate seats and backs are available on most models.

Nickel-plated glides are secured with Loctite.

Optional floor mounting straps are available.

All metal connection points are fully welded.

Safety That’s Just Right

In semi-supervised settings, furnishings need to offer more flexibility while still maintaining a high degree of safety and durability.

Inspiring Community and Connection

Common areas, such as lounges and dining rooms, need to encourage interaction and community while also providing the option for quiet personal space. Our seating and table choices can easily be configured to best suit the needs of patients and staff.

Featured Collections


Soothing and Secure

Don’t be fooled by the residential feel: the Dignity Series’ soft-seating solution was designed specifically for Behavioral Health settings.

Versatile design

Freestanding or connected, the Dignity Series offers several widths and can be configured in multiple ways to accommodate individual and group needs.

Considered care

For easy cleaning, choose laminate on the inner arm panels to maintain a gap between the panels and the seat, or choose upholstery to close the gap and reduce ligature points. Arm panels on Dignity2 can be extended to the floor.

Sturdy, Safe and Durable

Engineered to last, the Dignity Series’ springless seat and weighted construction offer comfort and security while the contoured design eliminates sharp edges for a safer and more welcoming space plan.

Key Features

  • Self-skinned, one-piece polyurethane arm panels on Dignity chairs provide a softer, residential look.
  • Optional KYDEX® arm caps on Dignity2 offer an extremely durable, pick-proof solution that aids patient wellbeing and withstands harsh cleaning products.
  • Optional divider arms for two- and three-seat sofas support a sense of personal space.
  • The optional wall-saving frame for Dignity2 reduces maintenance.

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Tailor the Look

The residential look of the Tailor HD Lounge collection creates stylish environments while keeping in mind the requirements of hard-use applications.

Practical, Yet Residential

Designed and built to last, Tailor HD components are all replaceable. Polyurethane arm caps can be specified to increase durability and to make it easier for patients to move in and out of the chair.

Key Features

  • Tailor HD comes standard with a roto-molded foot that is extremely durable and capable of withstanding the harshest of cleaning solutions.
  • Tailor HD’s arm panel fully extends to the floor, addressing ligature points while ensuring a wall-saving design.

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Style for Challenging Spaces

The Hardi Series’ award-winning design offers the highest level of safety in Behavioral Health spaces. A single-piece, rotationally molded polyethylene construction makes it extremely robust and a breeze to maintain. The elegant contour on our Rocker, Dining, Lounge and Stool designs creates a welcoming environment for both patients and caregivers.

Virtually Indestructible

From cafeterias to games rooms, the Hardi Series inspires social gatherings while seamlessly integrating with Spec’s lineup of Heavy Duty tables.

Soothing and Calm

Create soothing patient spaces effortlessly with the Hardi Rocker—a comfort to the eye and to the user. With a friendly, soft contour and a scale that offers a sense of confidence, its subtle rocking movement provides a needed calming effect.

Key Features

  • Nylon glides are optional. Hardi chairs specified with glides can be fastened to the floor or ganged together.
  • Shallow hand grips make Hardi designs difficult to pick up yet easy to adjust while seated.
  • All Hardi designs can be weighted on site with sand, if desired. A spun-in cap on the underside closes the opening, secured with tamper-proof fasteners.

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Style, Streamlined

Sleek and sophisticated, Calvin HD’s streamlined design creates an attractive silhouette in any public seating area.

Key Features

  • Calvin HD comes standard with a wall-saving frame to aid with maintenance.
  • Field-replaceable seats, backs and arm caps make maintenance simple and efficient.

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Flexible Engineering

Snowball HD may share the friendly style of general purpose seating seen in cafeterias, games rooms and examination rooms, but don’t be fooled: the series is built with Behavioral Health requirements in mind.

Key Features

  • Snowball HD’s DuraSpec polyurethane seat is extremely durable. It’s designed to be both more comfortable than hard plastic and capable of withstanding the harshest industrial cleaning solutions.
  • With a 100% recycled plastic seat pan, Snowball HD has no exposed staples.

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