Hardi Endurance

An exciting new product line—Meet our new Hardi products. Rounding out an already robust collection, the products, made by Cortech USA, enhance the Hardi line by offering a complete suite of products for Behavioral Health activity spaces, cafeterias, lounges, patient rooms, and more. Hardi Endurance products come in the same six soothing shades that match other Hardi products. 

A new Stacker chair, also manufactured by Cortech USA, is also available in seven new roto-molded colors.

The entire Hardi offering features molded designs, each carefully crafted for quality and strength. Learn more about all new products below!

Space Saving Stacks
A unique design that reduces rocking and tip-over of the chair makes Stacker an ideal choice for busy Behavioral Health environments. A durable one-piece, injection molded construction increases strength, while the polypropylene material offers an easy-to-clean surface. Choose from seven standard colors. Legs can be bolted for added security.
Storage That Works
Behavioral Health storage is simple to specify with the Hardi Endurance line. Six standard color choices allow for a seamless look with other Hardi products. Choose from three storage designs: an open chest and two and four-shelf wall mount models.
Patient Work Spaces
Creating comfortable patient rooms that are functional and attractive has never been easier with Hardi Endurance desks. Three designs include a freestanding floor-mounted model and two wall-mounted options, one of which is ADA Compliant.
High Impact Tables
Meet the latest in heavy-duty tables from the Hardi Endurance line. Two models of the table base, X and Cylinder styles, are designed for activity rooms, lounges, and cafeterias. Infused with an antimicrobial compound, the roto-molded surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. Tables can be bolted to the floor for added safety or weighted on-site with sand. Choose from square or round top shapes and the option to add a game top for activity spaces.