Credenza in a meeting room setting

Credenzas Overview

Add a thoughtful storage solution that caters to your space

Credenzas add discreet storage to boardrooms, conference rooms, gathering areas, and meeting rooms alike. With our range of design options, you can specify a credenza that blends in seamlessly with its surroundings.

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Serious Storage
Our credenzas come in two standard heights—29" and 36" (buffet height)—and with limitless other options, making it easy to create any storage configurations you need.
Versatility Is Key
Match any environment with our wide range of standard options to choose from, including finishes, hardware, and more.
A Range of Options
Multiple add-ons are available, including locks, ventilation, and garbage bin integration.
Tailored to Your Space
No two storage needs are alike, so it’s easy to customize the size and configuration of our credenzas.