TalkZone in a collaborative office enviornment

TalkZone Phone Booth Overview

Find a quiet spot for those important conversations

Looking to get away from the buzzing office without going too far? TalkZone provides quiet, privacy, and comfort, as well as all kinds of connectivity options so that users can stay focused in the busiest of spaces.

Get all the details
Left or Right?
Whichever you prefer! Handles can be specified on either the left or right side.
Get the Right Look
Mix and match laminates on the exterior and 2mm edges, and choose from eight standard PET acoustic panel colors.
A Range of Options
Specify our PostUp stool for comfort, a sprinkler for safety, carpet for the floors, and much more.
Smart Design
An integrated fan helps with air circulation, while the sensor-activated LED light limits waste and the power module keeps users connected.
Learn all about TalkZone in our latest product video!