EndZone table with blue end panels

EndZone Overview

Collaboration scores big with EndZone         

Whether it’s a study session with a peer or a meeting with a colleague, EndZone is sure to meet every need. With a range of heights, lengths, and finishes available to choose, you’ll find the model that always makes the winning play.

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Different Dimensions
Choose from three heights—30", 36", and 42"—and lengths up to 216".
Start with the Base
Choose from our two different base styles, 2" or 8" end panels.
Stay Connected
Add power options to EndZone, and keep the setup tidy with the rectangular vertical wire manager.
Get Colorful
Choose from 38 Bio Edge colors for the 2" built-up edge as well as 76 Spectone colors for the undersurface support trough.
Endless Options
Learn about everything you can do with EndZone with this short video.