Tailgate in a boardroom

Tailgate Overview

Harness the power of collaboration with Tailgate

Designed around a unique power and communication trough, Tailgate makes interacting and data sharing simple and straightforward. Available with two base designs and endless finish options, Tailgate can be specified to fit anywhere from the boardroom to hardworking collaborative groupings.

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Start with the Base
Choose from three base designs: rectangular, square plinth, or freestanding.
Top It Off
Tailgate offers nine table-top shapes: boatshape, boatshape arc ends, bullet, ellipse, racetrack, rectangle, rectangle with arc ends, video conference, and video conference with arc end.
Get Colorful
For the top, choose from 15 laminates with matching edge profiles or nine standard veneer finishes; for the base, choose from 76 Spectone colors.
Take It to the Edge
Choose from 15 different edge finishes.