Square base tables in a meeting room

Trumpet & Flat Metal Base Overview

Good looks and great support make for a winning combination

Trumpet, disc, square metal, and rectangular metal bases offer simple classic looks to go along with three table-top shapes, as well as options for power and data. These timeless aesthetics also provide complete support, keeping tables steady and functional for years.

Get all the details
Start with the Base
Choose from disc, trumpet, square, and rectangular base designs.
Find the Right Height
Go with heights of 18" and 29" for the round shape, and 18", 29", and 42" for the square and rectangle shapes.
Get Colorful
For the top, choose from 15 laminates with matching edge profiles or nine standard veneer finishes; for the base, choose from 76 Spectone colors.
Take It to the Edge
Choose from 15 different edge finishes.