How do you create a facility that is inviting yet indestructible? The Hardi line strives to address that need by providing worry-free support for behavioral health facilities. 
The Nightingale® and Best of NeoCon Gold Award-winning Hardi series, made from a single piece of rotationally molded polyethylene, has been expanded to support a range of seating situations fully.
"When we introduced the Hardi Lounge chair, the A&D community was excited for a refreshing seating solution that is ideal for any behavioral health facility," says Mike McLean of Spec's Sales and Marketing. "In subsequent years, we've extended the line to include arm options, Rocker chairs, as well as a complementary stool."
With no moving legs or protruding parts, Hardi eliminates the risk of the chair sustaining damage or being weaponized in stressful scenarios. Up to 132 lbs of weight can be added to all Hardi chairs, and once the desired weight is achieved, the threaded cap can be secured with tamper-proof hardware. Hand grips make it easy for patients to shift positions and the chair, even while seated, but make it difficult and awkward to lift.
Aesthetically, the chair design features soft edges, so it not only feels comfortable; it also looks less institutional. Six standard colors coordinate with the Spec portfolio of finishes.
"Studies show that aesthetics play a strong role in wellness and healing," explains McLean, "so ensuring that Hardi had a warm, residential look was a critical goal for our product development team."
Hardi is now available with a Rocker base that is ideal for patients to self-soothe. A complementary Stool is another addition to give facilities a more portable, flexible seating option in lounges and recreational areas. The Hardi Stool can also be weighted up to 44 pounds and specified with an optional floor mount.
The Hardi series is compliant with CAL 133 – the most stringent fire standard in North America. Nylon glides are available as an option to prevent marring. Additional options include floor mounting straps, ganging, and nickel-plated non‐removable steel glides secured with Loctite.
Visit the Hardi Product Page for more information.