Dignity seating in a waiting area


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Designed specifically for behavioral health applications, Dignity meets the challenge while offering a calming residential feel and appearance.

Features include a heavy-duty, steel inner frame with no openings and no protruding legs or hardware, tamperproof fastenings and the ability to add hidden weight, limiting mobility. Exposed surfaces are soft and warm to the touch as well as scratch and tear resistant.

Dignity can be freestanding or connected.

This product is available on CET Designer. Download Spec's extension here.

Designed by 
Michael Shields

It’s in the Details

Springless Seat construction

Laminate inside panels create a 1" gap between seat & side

Upholstered inside panels eliminates gap between seat & side

secured Zippers & Pulls

Secured Zippers & Pulls, no staples

Metal Seat Pan

Optional Solid or Perforated Metal Seat Pan to eliminate pass-through


DIGN-RC Connected Radius Corner Table
DIGN-SC Connected Square Corner Table
DIGN-ST Connected Spacer Table
DIGN-TC Connected 45 Degree Corner Table
DIGN-99 Dolly for Single Seat Dignity

Dignity Typicals

Get a sense of how Dignity looks in a range of settings with our typicals. Download the typicals from our Resources section above, then open them with CET Designer

Make It Your Own

With Dignity, you can mix and match the options to your heart’s content. Explore our wide selection of standard and special features to create a Dignity that complements the look, feel and function of your setting.

Select from our 15 standard laminates or choose from any standard Wilsonart, Nevamar, Formica, Arborite and Pionite laminates at no upcharge.

Wilsonart Antique White 1572-60
Best Match RAL 9001 Edge
Wilsonart Asian Night 7949K-18
Best Match Asian Night Edge
Wilsonart Black 1595-60
Best Match Black Edge
Cafelle laminate swatch
Wilsonart Cafelle 7933K-07
Best Match Chocolate Edge
Wilsonart Carbon Mesh 4880-38
Best Match RAL 7015 Edge
Wilsonart Designer White D354-60
Best Match RAL 9016 Edge
Wilsonart Dove Grey D92-60
Best Match RAL 7035 Edge
Wilsonart Empire Mahogany 7122K-78
Best Match Mahogany Edge
Fusion Maple laminate swatch
Wilsonart Fusion Maple 7909-60
Best Match Maple Edge
New Age Oak laminate swatch
Wilsonart New Age Oak 7938-38
Best Match New Age Oak Edge
River Cherry laminate swatch
Wilsonart River Cherry 7937-38
Best Match River Cherry Edge
Wilsonart Shadow D96-60
Best Match RAL 7006 Edge
Wilsonart Studio Teak 7960K-18
Best Match Studio Teak Edge
Walnut Heights laminate swatch
Wilsonart Walnut Heights 7965K-78
Best Match Walnut Heights Edge
Wilsonart Wild Cherry 7054-60
Best Match Wild Cherry Edge

Polyurethane arms are available in black, sterling grey, or taupe.

Arm Color: Black 9005*
Poly Arm Color: Black 9005*
Sterling Gray
Poly Arm Color: Black 9005*

Find the right fabric for your project! Use the filters on our fabrics page to sort them by brand, pattern name, fabric type and grade.

Our standard options give you a wide selection of edge profiles, paints, wood finishes, and laminates. But if you’re looking for something completely customized to your space, contact us—we’d be happy to explore ways to make a perfect match to your space.