It’s in the Details

Tamper-Proof Fasteners

Tamper-Proof Fasteners

secured Zippers & Pulls

Secured Zippers & Pulls, no staples

Polyurethane Arm Cap

Heavy Duty (HD) Series Seating Typicals

Get a sense of how Heavy Duty (HD) Series Seating looks in a range of settings with our typicals. Download the typicals from our Resources section above, then open them with CET Designer

Make It Your Own

With Heavy Duty (HD) Series Seating, you can mix and match the options to your heart’s content. Explore our wide selection of standard and special features to create a Heavy Duty (HD) Series Seating that complements the look, feel and function of your setting.

Polyurethane arms are available in black, sterling grey, or taupe.

Arm Color: Black 9005*
Poly Arm Color: Black 9005*
Sterling Grey
Poly Arm Color: Black 9005*

Find the right fabric for your project! Use the filters on our fabrics page to sort them by brand, pattern name, fabric type and grade.

Our standard options give you a wide selection of edge profiles, paints, wood finishes, and laminates. But if you’re looking for something completely customized to your space, contact us—we’d be happy to explore ways to make a perfect match to your space.

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